October 14, 2019

Trans Union Review

Offers and Services

TransUnion is one of the best credit monitoring service and it is the leading intelligence provider. TransUnion possesses one of the biggest collections of consumer information in the world. Apart from monitoring consumer credit, the company provides a wide range of b2b (business-to-business) services such as marketing services, risk management, collections management, and fraud and identity management.

TransUnion offers a special 3-in-1 credit monitoring service on their website. The service itself is provided through TrueCredit. TransUnion service costs only $29.95 and it includes a detailed report that holds information on the client's TransUnion credit score.

Credit Score and Reports

One of the biggest benefits of this service is that TransUnion works directly from TransUnion. That means that clients get all the data straight from the source, without a secondary service. This way clients get unlimited access to their TransUnion credit reports and scores.

The copy of the TransUnion credit report is cost free. When a client orders the report from TransUnion, he is automatically enrolled in the TransUnion's credit monitoring program which costs $11.95 a month. If the monitoring service is canceled during the first 30-day trial period, the unsatisfied client will not be billed. Keep in mind that TransUnion only monitors information with TransUnion and no other credit monitoring service.

Identity Theft Protection

TransUnion assists clients with identity theft and fraud issues by employing the Fraud Victim Assistance Department or FVAD. This department specializes in identifying potential frauds and they fix it with a security freeze. They also help clients to learn how to protect their children's identities from theft through protection from TransUnion.

TransUnion provides each consumer with a $25,000 insurance policy that is meant for identity recovery costs if a theft occurs. The debt reduction services are handled by TrueCredit.com. If clients find any inaccuracies in their TransUnion credit reports, they can choose to dispute them online, or in writing via the traditional mail service. The online option is better because it disputes item quicker. Our TransUnion Review 2020 is broken down for you to better choose.

TransUnion has a couple of really nice features, but their best one is the fact that they provide an extensive report on the dispute process. TransUnion does not expect consumers to know everything about their reports. Instead, they dispute items themselves, but they allow clients to check on the status of the disputed items at any given time from them.


TransUnion is a company that has been in the credit monitoring business for a while now. They have a huge client database and they offer a good number of tools to consumers and businesses alike. After review TransUnion is definitely one of the best credit monitoring services available at the moment.

The negative thing about TransUnion is that the credit report monitoring service works only with TransUnion, instead of all three credit bureaus. Other companies reach out to all bureaus at the same time to ensure complete coverage. However they maintain good ratings from consumers.

Overall, TransUnion is a trusted name in the business and they deliver on their promises. Their service is limited to only one bureau, but the results are positive and they dispute items quickly and effectively. TransUnion offers identity theft program which is known to be quite safe and reliable.