October 14, 2019

Protect MyID Review

Offers and Services

ProtectMyID is a credit monitoring and identity theft protection service that pulls client's credit scores from Experian and keeps your personal information safe. They monitor your information through all three major bureaus, making sure that no one uses your email address and they track your social security number and all credit card numbers. ProtectMyID has agents that deal with fraud resolution and help clients to restore their good names if an identity theft does occur.

The protection plan that ProtectMyID offers includes monitoring your children's information too. This is important because the theft of children's identities is 30 to 50 percent higher than adult identity thefts.

2020 Credit Score and Reports

ProtectMyID has a lot of features in their vast offer, but their primary task is to monitor credit bureau reports and all public records looking for changes in your personal information that could indicate fraud. This could be someone who is making an inquiry into your account, applying for a credit loan, or anything else that indicates a change in your personal information. If this occurs, ProtectMyID will notify you right away to confirm the changes that were made.

ProtectMyID monitors all information on loans and leases through credit reports and public records. Most other services only look at high-risk sources like criminal records, payday loans, and in some cases sex offender list. Our ProtectMyID Review breaks everything down for you.

Identity Theft Protection

First of all, ProtectMyID monitors your full name, address, emails, telephone and credit card numbers as well as the social security number. ProtectMyID will also monitor your location if someone tries to alter your address or temper with your mail. ProtectMyID helps clients remove their names from mailing lists, minimizing opportunities for thieves to use their personal information in any way.

If an identity theft does occur, the fraud resolution agents from ProtectMyID will contact your creditors and work with them to restore your previous record. Every available agent in their customer service is certified through the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

If a client loses his wallet or if it gets stolen, ProtectMyID can help by canceling all credit and debit cards that got stolen. ProtcectMyID provides $1 million product insurance to refund clients for funds that their bank or credit card company isn't responsible for. That includes lost wages, hiring private investigators, and legal defense fees. Children are covered by the insurance which adds up to 2 million dollars.

Conclusion of 2020 ProtectMyID Review

ProtectyMyID provides credit monitoring through credit records and public sources, as well as identity theft protection. If a client's identity is compromised in any way, ProtectMyID has you covered under a one million dollars insurance policy and trained agents that deal with fraud resolution. ProtectMyID theft protection does not offer as many features like other services, but it provides good protection to all who suspect identity thefts. ProtectMyID protects the financial identity of clients and their children as well.