April 8, 2020

Credit Assistance Network Review 2021

Credit repair is a good way to improve your credit score and polish your financial report. Thanks to the Credit Assistance Network Company for playing a vital role in helping folks rebuild their credit scores. You could be next.

Credit Assistance Network is an organization that provides customers with credit assistance and helps them repair bad credit score. The company offers a one-on-one guideline and works handily with other Credit Reporting Organizations to scratch off bad reports in your account.

Credit Assistance Network, Inc.

The company doesn’t have an upfront fee (as compared to competitors). You don’t have to sign up for monthly subscription fees. You only pay after you receive positive adjustments.

Also, it assists you to fabricate better credit with the help of the staff’s master guidance. There are numerous credit repair services globally, but only a few will guarantee their services. Let’s have a look at how the Credit Assistance Network operates.

How the Credit Assistance Network Works 

This group of debt and credit specialists developed skills in which customers can enrich their credit profile through eliminating negative credit scores. The company gives detailed guidance on reliable ways to expand on its progression.

Credit Network Assistance performs everything to boost your credit status using available legal means. Under federal law, you can freely dispute everything on your credit reports. They handle your credit status and ensure that the credit reports are free from inaccuracies, false information, mistakes, and identity theft.

Did you know that getting rid of negative information can automatically result in positive credit scores? Immediately you sign up for Credit Assistance Network services, a trained specialist reviews your credit reports. They make consultations and advise you on how to make the process productive.

The company analyzes your credit reports, and then determines the items that should be disputed, how the process should be carried, and the entire legal basis.  After all negative reports are eliminated; your scores will go up.

Credit Dispute Process 

Credit assistance network generates customized and legal compliant dispute letters to either of the following major credit bureaus- Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. The company can make up to 45 dispute items. Immediately the letter is sent, the bureaus investigate the dispute through inquiring from the creditors who presented the case.

When the creditor finds it hard to verify the entry, then it will be deleted. They are given one month to finish their investigations, and then present the results to the credit bureaus.

You are given some copies of the results too. You then deliver them to Credit Assistance Network for further analysis. The experts investigate the likely violations of the law. After that, they file all your complaints and abnormalities to the Federal Trade Commission.

The company uses several dispute letters to deal with collecting agencies and creditors. They include:

  • Goodwill letters used to ask the creditors to change negative information politely
  • Desist letters to the collection agencies
  • Information and dispute letters
  • Validation demands requesting a collection agency or a creditor to validate the information

After 30-45 days, the dispute is initiated. An updated credit report is then delivered to you. More action is determined depending on the revised piece of information within the updated credit reports. The whole process is repeated for every credit item until the case is resolved to your satisfaction.

You should have access to a secure client portal. The portal is available throughout and helps you track progress, upload documents, and communicate with the Credit Assistance Network.

Features of Credit Assistance Network

  1. Loan and Mortgage calculators

Apart from different credit services that the Credit Assistance Network delivers, they also work like loans and mortgage calculators. 

In other words, you can run activities concerned with loans and mortgage programs. You should enter the loan term, interest rate, loan amount, and initial payment date, and the company’s calculators will analyze the monthly loan payment and the period under which the loan will be paid off.

When it comes to the mortgage calculator, Credit Assistance Network gives you additional information such as property insurance, annual tax properties, the down payment, and private mortgage insurance.

  1. Monitoring of Credit

Credit Assistance Network works hand in hand with IdentityIQ. The two will help you scrutinize your credit. You will receive your credit scores and reports from the three credit bureaus as well. This includes daily alerts and monitoring. You can refresh your credit report after every 35 days and $25,000 identity theft insurance.

Furthermore, the service costs $1 for seven days plan and $19.99 every month.  

  1. Best Credit Repair Blog 

Credit Assistance Network provides an excellent treasure-trove of helpful articles. You don’t have to sign up for their services. But they teach you everything concerning credit. 

Blog topics include managing debt, identity theft, financial laws, bankruptcy, scams to avoid, and credit scores.

  1. The Credit Assistance Network fees and Pricing

This company features an affordable pricing strategy that’s different from competitors. You should make a personal upfront payment of $179. For a couple, the first payment fee is $279. Then there is a $50 per every credit bureau deletion, and another $75 meant for public records.

Other Credit Repair Companies may charge a higher ongoing fee than the flat monthly subscription fees. However, the vital thing is that payment helps the Credit Assistance Network to repair your credit score and other related services.

  1. Customer Care 

The customer services are accessible and can be reached through phone or via email by dialing the Credit assistance number.

  1. The Warranty 

The organization issues a 100% money-back warranty in case you don’t come into agreement. They deliver the following promises:

  • You can reject the service at your pleasure
  • Your private details are secure and protected
  • You’ll be treated courteously and professionally
  • All requests are replied promptly

Additionally, if the company fails to eliminate all erroneous credit in your account as per expectations within the first 90 days, you are entitled to a full refund for the paid services.

Signing up with The Credit Assistance Network

The company allows online registration and free credit analysis. You should only provide your email address, mobile number, and your full names. The customer service is excellent; credit and debt masters offer full phone support throughout from Monday to Friday.

They have a well-disposed staff willing to channel you in the right bearing and provide you with sufficient data.


  • The company handles all credit repair activities for you. It’s among the leading credit repair system if you want to avoid complicated issues involved in the process.
  • It has a 90-day money-back warranty if they fail to eliminate derogatory information at a given time frame.
  • All the credit improvement approaches are legally compliant and follow a specific process.
  • The company deals with a high number of credit complications.
  • Desist letters are issued to the collection companies to stop irritating, harassment messages and frequent phone calls.
  • Easy registration: the sign-up process is not complicated.

Why Sign Up With The Credit Assistance Network?

Signing up for the Credit Assistance Network is hassle-free. It’s one of the best and renowned credit repair services globally. The company doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee. As an alternative, the company charges all fees based on the fruitful elimination of derogatory credit objects from the credit report.

You can confidently pay the fee having in mind that it will deliver a successful outcome in the long-run. This is quite different from numerous credit repair services that require you to pay a flat fee. The company has qualified staff that helps in addressing issues such as fraud, credits, dispossession, and debt.


Are you battling with a poor credit score? If yes, then Credit Assistance Network has got your back. The company provides two separate arrangements that are custom-made to meet your needs.

Credit Assistance Company works closely with you to restore bad credits and give you the results that you deserve. They are a reliable credit repair organization that boasts of extraordinary client administration. You won’t regret for picking Credit Assistance Network to restore your attractive credit score.

Sign Up For Credit Assistance Network

It doesn’t matter whether you’re ready to get started or need some advice, never shy off. Credit Assistance Network will help you, make a call today.

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