Best Credit Monitoring Services in 2020

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Credit Monitoring Explained

This is a service that is ignored by many people who have credit reports and mortgages. In the last couple of years, the awareness is slowly rising because of the many incidents that occurred. So, what is the best credit monitoring service and how does it work?

Once you take a loan or a lease from the bank and your credit report is created, you become exposed to all kinds of frauds and identity thefts. Hackers are just waiting to come across a credit card with no protection to steal the money. People don't even realize that something's wrong until it is too late and their bill rises sky-high. Credit monitoring is important because this service protects consumers from theft and fraud. If any sudden changes occur on a client's credit report, the monitoring service alerts the client right away.

If someone else used your personal information or credit cards, agents will be dispatched to straighten out the report. Also, in the case of identity theft, clients are insured and the monitoring company will take care of any bills and costs. By hiring a credit monitoring company, you get full security for all of your personal information and bank accounts.

What Can Credit Monitoring Services Provide?

credit monitoring

Credit monitoring services primarily monitor credit reports and bank accounts for clients. Their goal is to stop hackers and thieves from stealing other people's identities and money from their accounts. If anything out of the ordinary happens with the account, the company informs the client right away and takes care of the problem.

Apart from credit monitoring, clients can pull their credit reports from these companies and dispute bad items from them. They calculate credit scores and work with the three major credit bureaus to improve their client's scores. Better credit scores with the bureaus benefit the client because he can get mortgages, loans, and other things easier.

Another very useful service provided by the credit monitoring company is identity protection. The client has full coverage that includes everything from the bank accounts to social security numbers and so on. If something does go wrong, the company will take care of all expenses. Identity protection is especially important for children. They are much more likely to get their identities stolen, but that is also covered by the insurance.

Why a Good Credit Score Matters?

Having a good credit score is very important. The credit score is basically a number that shows how creditors see you. If the number is big, the creditors see you as a problem and getting new loans, mortgages, leases or anything else becomes much more difficult.

Lenders want to get their money back with interest, and if your credit score is low, you are an unreliable borrower. You may end up without the credit you needed. Of course, there are other types of loans, like payday loans, pawn shop loans, but the interest rates there are really high.

Having a high credit score gives you better interest rates. The higher the score is, the lower the interest becomes. Using a best credit monitoring service can help keep the score maintained.

That means that a good credit score can save you a lot of money in the long run. You might think that your score isn't important because you don't want to apply for credit right now, but a low score can make other problems. If you're looking repair your credit check out our guide here. For example, if you want to rent an apartment, but your score is low, the chances are you won't be approved. The same thing goes with home and car insurance. Keep your credit score high because it does make a difference. The number one method is selecting a credit score monitoring service. Sometimes they offer a trial to get your free credit score.

Best Credit Repair Companies 2020 & Identity Theft Service

When credit scores go down and start creating huge problems, credit repair companies will help you figure out a way to fix it. They will pull your credit score and work with the three bureaus to dispute problematic items off the list and higher the score in a matter of months. Identity theft is a crime that is on the rise because everyone is using credit cards and online bank accounts. The credit monitoring companies work hard to keep their client's personal information safe and they take care of any problems if they occur.

Best Identity Theft Protection 2020

Identity theft and credit protection services are on the rise. There are many companies and options to choose from. We would recommend Identity Guard because they offer the best prices and have some really useful features.

Identity Guard Review

Identity Guard is the very best credit monitoring and identity protection services on the market. They offer daily monitoring with all three bureaus, public record monitoring, and many other monitoring options as well. This company ensures their clients up to $1 million if anything goes wrong, and they offer a great free mobile app for monitoring.

Identity Force Review

Identity Force is one of the best credit monitoring services. This company offers credit monitoring from all three major bureaus. They pull credit reports through TransUnion and offer special features like lost wallet protection, credit file change alerts, and a personalized credit analysis tool. Every client gets ID theft insurance.

ProtectMyID Review

ProtectMyID is a great credit monitoring company that works with Experian, one of the major credit bureaus. They offer monitoring through all three bureaus, report change alerts, internet scanning and ID surveillance. This company has over 60 years of experience and has since worked with over 220 million clients.

TransUnion Review

TransUinon is one of the three credit reporting bureaus and is also up there as one of the best credit reporting services 2020. As such, it offers a nice mix of features such as credit monitoring in all bureaus, lost wallet protection, credit file change alerts, and access to the TransUnion credit report. Clients get up to $1 million in ID theft insurance.

Experian Credit Tracker Review

Experian is among the three major credit reporting bureaus. They offer credit monitoring services of all kinds, and the Experian Credit Tracker service as well. It has a mobile app that lets clients keep an eye on their credit reports, access to FICO scores and monitoring at all times.


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